During the patient’s respiratory treatment, the high flow oxygen therapy system provides a higher flow rate than the conventional oxygen therapy through the non-sealing nasal cannula, tracheostomy interface and mask, and inhales the mixed gas with adjustable oxygen concentration and controllable humidity to the patient, so as to achieve better air-oxygen management and improve oxygenation level.


Provides a precise concentration of oxygen, and the oxygen concentration can be adjusted.

Provide sufficient flow to meet client’s aspiration need

Safe and usability easy to operate and maintain.

Improve the comfort of oxygen therapy and patient’s compliance.

Promote the cilia movement of tracheal mucosa,promote sputum excretion,reduce infection rate.

Provides a CPAP function to maintain moderate expansion of tracheal and alveoli.


Continuous monitoring of oxygen oncentration, precise control of concentration.

Advanced humidification control technology ensures the humidification effect.

Provide SpO2 functaion monitoring the Oxygen saturation and pulse rate.


Patented design of anti-cross infection, the device does not need additional disinfection.

Air oxygen filter device support the patient’s clean breathing.

Multiple alarms functions to ensure the safety of the use.


Support nasal cannula,nasal cannula, tracheostomy interface and mask.

Intelligent design of hearting spiral to reduces the generation of condensate water.

Automatic refill function of humidifier chamber , reduce the workloads of users.

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